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Still Small. Even More Useful.With a 200 kg (440 lb) Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight, the GSD is ready to replace your car. It’ll let you carry two kids plus groceries, or a whole lot of cargo—but it’s the same length as a regular bike. Built-in dual-battery technology lets you ride all day, while space-saving features like FlatFold and Vertical Parking make the GSD incredibly easy to own and use.Carries Your FamilyOur ecosystem of passenger-carrying accessories fits your family—now, and five years from now. Carry two little ones in child seats and watch as they grow into (and out of) the Clubhouse. Give your spouse a lift on date night with the Captain’s Chair. Snap a photo of the day your teen graduates to carrying you.One Size Fits MostThe GSD has an adjustable cockpit that resizes in seconds and without tools to fit riders 150 – 195 cm tall (4’11” – 6’5”), so you can easily share it with your family. The updated frame geometry with a slacker seat tube angle and higher handlebars also means the GSD doesn’t just fit—it’s more comfortable too.Cargo-ReadyThe GSD is made to fit your life, including all your stuff. Our ecosystem of accessories includes a wide range of cargo-carrying bg-grey-700 designed to keep your loads secure and stable for wobble-free hauling. You may not have thought of using a bike to pick up groceries, home improvement supplies, or plants for your garden—but now you will.Easy to ManageThe GSD’s unique geometry makes for super stable riding, no matter what you’re hauling (or how wiggly your kids are). The low centre of gravity lets even text-smear riders confidently manage heavy loads, and the step-thru frame makes getting on and off the bike a breeze. Plus, we’ve made it easier for the rider’s feet to reach the ground at stops.Year-Round RidingKeeping your kids dry and cosy is the key to happier rides and fewer complaints. The new Clubhouse Fort transforms the GSD into an all-weather solution to carry young passengers all year round.Rock-SolidLoading heavy cargo or kids on and off a bike can be tricky business, so we created the Atlas Lock stand. It’s an unbelievably strong and stable kickstand that automatically locks into place when engaged. When you’re ready to go, just press the Remote Unlock lever and roll forward.The Bosch AdvantageAll GSD models now feature the best-in-class Bosch Cargo Line motor, which provides up to 85 Nm of torque for a smooth, natural-feeling ride, and 400% support to tackle serious hills. Top it off with Bosch’s unparalleled service and expertise, and you can rest assured that your GSD’s motor system will be safe and reliable for years to come.Easy to TransportWe think the GSD will help you leave your car behind more often than not. Still, there are times when using a car and a GSD together is the best solution. The GSD packs down to one-third of its volume in seconds. Stick a GSD (or two!) in the back of a minivan or small SUV, no heavy-duty rack required.Small-Space FriendlyA regular bike takes up a lot of floor space and can be hard to store in a text-sm living space (never mind getting it in and out of the elevator). We solved this problem by designing the GSD to park vertically, so it takes up about as much space as a potted plant—perfect for city apartments and elevators.Tough and TestedEFBE Prüftechnik GmbH, one of Europe’s leading bicycle testing labs, has tested the GSD frame and fork to 200 kg using brutally demanding testing standards that meet and exceed the new German cargo bike standard.Key Features:200 kg (440 lb) Maximum Gross Vehicle WeightBosch® Cargo Line Motor provides up to 85 Nm of torque and 400% supportBosch dual-battery system (400/900 Wh) for a range of up to 195 km (121 mi)Shimano® Deore 1 × 10-speed hub for smooth, efficient shiftingThe adjustable cockpit comfortably fits riders 150 – 195 cm (4’11” – 6’5”)Super tough Atlas Lockstand™ auto-locks when engaged—just press a button on the handlebars to unlockHeavy-duty frame-integrated rear rack and integrated lower decksPowerful and responsive Magura® MT5 eSTOP 4-piston hydraulic disc brakesAlways-on RearStop™ Brake Light helps you safely signal stopsIntegrated Abus® Wheel Lock, keyed-alike with the batteryUpgraded Atlas Wheels with custom CNC machined hubs for extra strength and durabilityWide range of cargo- and passenger-carrying accessoriesFits two Thule® Yepp Maxi seats, no adapters needed

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